SCADA will monitor substations, transformers and other electrical assets.

Complementing its process control capabilities, Dyconix dynamic Control system also offers expertise in Distributed Control Systems (DCS), designed to monitor and control distributed equipment across large, dynamic manufacturing and processing sites.

Dyconix’ SCADA experience ranges from the reprogramming of small numbers of control loops, through to the design and implementation of entire control strategies, from the early stages of design through to implementation. Dyconix provides a wide range of SCADA services including the following:

  • Performing FEED and feasibility studies
  • Writing detailed design specifications for new and replacement SCADA systems
  • HMI system recommendations
  • Design, installation & commissioning of SCADA systems
  • Reverse engineering services for legacy systems
  • Legacy system support and migration
  • Provision of SCADA engineers for a day, week, year etc.
  • SCADA system modifications
  • Project management
  • SCADA consultancy and support
  • Service level agreements
  • 24/7 call-out support

Dyconix also has experience in designing, building and testing SCADA process safety applications.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition