Rapidly depleting reserves of fossil fuels & close competition in energy market steered the industrialists to use efficient & economic Power & Utility Boilers at their facilities. Dyconix Engineering also geared itself to provide a competitive solution in this field.

Utility boilers offered by Dyconix Engineering are compact in design, Energy & Environment Friendly and Plug & Play Type. These boilers are as efficient as 93% in fuel consumption and equipped with all accessories including economizers. Now Dyconix Engineering is a step ahead to offer POWER BOILERS to local Industries.

  • Dyconix Engineering offers design, development and installation of boilers for steam generation, oil, heating and water heating.
  • We also offer supervision of installation of power house boiler.
  • Our specialty is Design, development and installation of waste heat recovery boilers.
  • We have the best team for Installation and troubleshooting of boiler for solid fuel/gas fired boiler.

Power & Utility Boilers