Heat Exchangers & Hygienic Grade

Heat Exchangers are vital & essential part of today�s Industry. Types & Configuration plays an important role in the performance of Heat Exchangers. Dyconix Engineering manufactures all type of shell & tube heat exchangers in different materials from CS to Alloy as per specific requirement. Arrangement of baffles, tubes, shell, bonnet, nozzles and flow channels determine the performance of heat exchanger. Dyconix Engineering has the capability to design & manufacture heat exchangers meeting operational performances in cost effective way.

Dyconix Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. has a team with sound technical background and having a proven track record working experience with other organizations and now streamlined on this platform to provide a comprehensive mode of services to our customers.

Dyconix Engineering offers a wide range of Hygienic Grade Equipment Manufacturing for Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverages Industry. We have supplied 50,000 Liters capacity Milk Silos and Process Tanks to Millac Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. We also worked with Unilever Pakistan Ltd. at Walls Ice Cream Factory for the Expansion Project and supplied Hygienic Grade Process Tanks and installed Process Piping. We have a comprehensive solution for Mixing, Homogenizing, Processing and product Storage.

Dyconix Engineering provides services for Plant Equipment / Machinery Installation, Steel Structure Erection, Process & Utility Piping in SS & CS materials, Insulation & Cladding. Steam Boilers (Smoke Tube & Water Tube) Waste Heat Recovery Boilers Power Generators & Turbines Compressors (Air, Gas, Refrigeration) Process Plant Equipment including Vessels, Reactors, Heat Exchangers

Our Technical Consultancy and Support Services encompass a wide range of industrial sectors and disciplines. Based on our deep experience in Engineering Premises, we serve and practise in the most extensive knowledge of technologies involved. We believe in providing a collaborative and co-coordinative approach in order to innovate, improve & develop both the practical and theoretical outcomes. Dyconix Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is quite promising for having Experienced Technical Tycoons being in-lined on one platform to provide Technical Consultancy and Support services to its valued customers.

Other Solutions

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

Dyconix dynamic Control system offers expertise in Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA), designed to monitor and control distributed equipment across large, dynamic manufacturing and processing sites

Energy Conservation

Energy has become an important prerequisite for the economic development. Energy is a most problematic issue in the world. As a rule of thumb modern day manufacturing industries utilize at least 33% production cost in terms of energy prices

Change Over & Synchronization Panels

Synchronizing panel will operate on an automatic mains failure system, so that when the main supply is interrupted on one or all phases (after an adjustable delay period) the generator sets will start-up together. After an initial warm-up period (adjustable) the generators will synchronize with each other by means of motorized circuit breakers or contactors onto a common busbar.